My name is Brittany Oracheski and I am passionate about families, childbirth education, and supporting through the childbearing year and beyond! I am a doula (birth and postpartum), also offering placenta encapsulation and childbirth education.

Located in Wainwright, AB and serving within 1.5 hr radius.

  • My role in birth and postpartum is purely based on non-medical support (emotional, physical, and spiritual) and providing information. I believe that women should have the right to making their own informed decisions before, during, and after birth. I believe in the right to evidence based care. I also believe that having a person with you through birth whose sole purpose is to help you feel positive, supported, and connected to the process can be a huge asset to a positive birth experience. Contact me for more information on services provided, or to arrange a meeting. I would love to meet you! More information can also be found by selecting the above “What I Do” menu tab.
  • I have 3 children of my own- Sienna (8), Tyson (5), and Emily (2). They are my blessings and they provide me with inspiration every day to help others. The call to serve has been a driving force in my life from a very young age, and after having my own children, my passion for birth and service culminated into this opportunity to train and practice as a doula, and I haven’t looked back.
  • I have lived in Wainwright for 11 years, and am proud to call it my home. My hope is to help facilitate a healthy and diverse birth community in Wainwright and surrounding area. I strive to support women and families through the transition that comes with a new baby in a comprehensive way that encourages mothers to find and experience empowerment in birth.
  • I am thrilled to be a part of MCAN (MaternityCare Consumers of Alberta Network), participating as the representative for the Wainwright/Lloydminster area. For more information on MCAN and their mission, please visit http://www.maternitycarealberta.com/

  • Contact me to book your free consultation! We can do this in person or via Skype/phone. I look forward to meeting with you!
  • Phone: (780)842-4649                   
  • Email: olivebranchdoula1@gmail.com



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